Saturday, May 26, 2007

Poem, Seven #14, Croqzine

Croqzine #9 is out! This "Trash issue" features cool ways to recycle and reuse things. Plus a reprint of my article on "Reuse vs. Compact." Thanks gals!

This week's seven turned out to be pretty good:
- 3 tops
- 1 salwar set
- 3 pairs of socks
- set of bangles
- 1 sari
- 7 single socks (I'll count that as 1)
- 4 tupperware boxes
- 3 carry bags
- 3 old cds
That makes 20, for a total of 152.

I was thinking about the people I have lost over the years - dear friends, pets, relatives, and came across the most beautiful poem I had to share:

Staring at the Sea on the Day of the Death of Another

The long body of the water fills its hollow,
slowly rolls upon its side,
and in the swaddlings of the waves,
their shadowed hollows falling forward with the tide,

like folds of Grecian garments molded to cling
around some classic immemorial marble thing,
I see the vanished bodies of friends who have died.

Each form is furled into its hollow,
white in the dark curl,
the sea a mausoleum, with countless shelves,
cradling the prone effigies of our unearthly selves,

some of the hollows empty, long niches in the tide.
One of them is mine
and gliding forward, gaping wide.

by May Swenson
from How we live now: Contemporary Multicultural Literature. Ed. John Repp. 1992

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