Monday, June 11, 2007

Sevens and Projects

Well, now that I've completed the papercutting, I wanted to go on to knit socks, but other projects are calling me first: I have the 5x7 art swap due mid-July, which is not that far off. I'm still thinking of good ideas of what to do, hopefully fulfilling these criteria:

- beauty - something that looks nice, at least, but also has some meaning
- usefulness (not just decorative)
- sustainability (should be made of used, recycled, or renewable materials)

On top of that, of course, it has to fit into a 5x7 mailer!

I've also forgotten to post my Seven Things for several weeks, but don't think I haven't been tossing things:

Seven #15 (from June 1)
- 1 skirt
- 1 basket
- as gifts: set of jewelry boxes, 2 soaps (1 bottle, 1 bar), a painting, a book, salt-and-pepper shakers, alarm clock (7)
- 1 bangle
- set of bangles
- 1 top
- 1 scarf
- 1 sari blouse
Total: 14

Seven #16 (from June 8)
- - 1 rice-bag handbag
- 1 top (both gifts)
- 1 old planner from 2006, 3 recycled-paper notebooks
- unused binder
- ancient business cards
- indigo girls CD (have it on itunes)
Total: 9

Seven #17 - This week's. I'll be busy this week so I'm just gathering a bunch of stuff already for it. Aah, the freedom of being done early!
- yellow scarf that I made into a wrap skirt
- Vegnews magazine
- piece of embroidered fabric
- Heaven on Earth book by Danny Seo
- fridge magnet
- 2 old rice bags
- pajama top
- bag of twisty ties and rubberbands
Total: 8

Total so far: 184. Since we're in the 24th week of 2007, I'm averaging just over seven and a half items a week. But there's still tons of stuff left!

Eco-tip: Instead of stressing out over all the little things you do that hurt the environment, focus first on the big ones - driving and flying less, eating less meat and poultry, buying organic, using electricity more efficiently, building/living in a sustainable home, reducing your water use. Not easy, but important!

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