Thursday, May 24, 2007

T is for...

This post brought to you by the letter T.

T is for Thank you. Thanks to everyone who gave me great ideas on how to knit my first socks. I'll be trying the 2-needle version out after I finish my papercutting (any day now...)

T is for train. We took a train from Madras. The train platform was crowded with people:

And inside, too

At every stop, vendors board yelling "Coffee" and whatever else they're selling. You have to catch them fast if you want anything, and you'd better have change! You can eat on the little trays behind the seats, airplane-style.

I stood by the entrance of the train (the rest of the windows are sealed shut because of the air conditioning) taking pictures of the beautiful views:

and villagers passing by. These are girls on their way back from school.

And train stops:

The train conductor checked our tickets, and the manager gave us a survey to fill out afterwards about the condition of the train.

The train was an hour late, stopping at this station for an unknown reason:

We finally reached and met up with family, and piled into a jeep, which had this sticker on the back, proclaiming devotion to Lord Vishnu:

Another India-inspired Eco-tip: If you have leftovers from a party or even take a doggy bag after eating out, drop them off with a homeless person or the nearest shelter. You won't have to have leftovers and you'll do a little good.


Erin said...

Such amazing photos. My favourite is of the school girls in their bright coloured clothes!

rani said...

Thanks! The girls were so cute talking and walking. I actually took that through the train window about 50 yards away, fully zoomed.