Tuesday, May 22, 2007


An apology in advance for anyone waiting for more India photos. I have a bunch but they need organization first (whoo boy!).

I haven't done a tally in a while, so here is mine for March and April and the first half of May:

1. Stuff given away: 64 (about 5 a week...a little low. time to ramp up)

2. Poems written: 3 (all in March) Here's another:


Writing lists
makes me feel content
and artificially in control
of my life.

What good is a list
if you do not do
what's on it?

3. Drawings done: 2 for Illustration Friday + 1 yesterday (does that even count? not really)

4. Compact-violating stuff bought: about 35 music books (including a long-sought set), paid for some books for grandma, paid for some souvenirs for visitors

5. Incoming (gifts received): 2 hand-me-down saris, 2 new saris, 1 top, 1 trinket, 1 handkerchief, 1 pr earrings

6. Tough Projects: paper-cutting (ongoing)

7. Defashion Rules broken: browsed a fashion mag on the plane, watched "Who wants to be a doll?" and "Next Top Model" with friends, complimented two people, some not-so-accidental window-viewing, dressed REALLY slowly one day (took about 10 minutes instead of 2)

8. For wardrobe refashion: nothing. But I'm not sad. I have enough clothes, and didn't buy any myself.

9. Progress on goals: meditated a little to help find myself, am planning to visit Paris, started practicing music a little, and emailed/called some old friends

10. List items done: list? what list? I'm starting with the following: 5 minute showers and once-a-week bucket baths

11. Eco-tips (since the last tally): 17

Today's eco-tip: You know how mom used to say "turn that off?" Just imagine her in your head - for the lights when you leave a room, the faucet when you're brushing your teeth, the computer when you're up too late. Which is what I will do now.


Erin said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today. As for the poem on Lists, I love it. I am such a list maker. I love lists so much I dedicated a whole post to list making a few weeks ago. Your pictures of India are so amazing. Do you live in India? I will definitely be dropping by again. Take care :o)

rani said...

Thanks! I really am addicted to lists too. I have the Stickies open on my mac and they are covering my desktop.

No I don't live in India, I only visited. My family is from there, though.

Erin said...

Yes Lists can become addictive. Thanks for getting back to me.