Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Things To Keep

Not everything must be given away. In the process of purging, I've identified a few pieces of jewelry and clothing I definitely want to keep. Now you get to see some of the intricacies of my wardrobe. Nothing scandalous in here, though. The shocking part is that I've only bought a few of these myself. I'll add pictures soon.

Things I've had for years

These are things from my mom or things that have sentimental value for various reasons.

§ Purple wrap skirt - This flowy skirt goes everywhere, and trails on the floor, but it's a wrap, so it always fits, and the cotton is just dreamy. Plus, what's not to like about dark purple? The fact that my mom wore it when she was my age is just a plus.

§ Gold hoops - I can't wear too much silver or other jewelry because I'm allergic, so I have these lovely gold hoops from India. They're intricate enough to wear somewhere nice, but they also work day-to-day. My mom bought me these when I was younger.

§ Topaz necklace - I've actually lent this to someone temporarily, but my grandmother got it in Kashmir, now a nearly inaccessible place.

§ Garish sari - Some seemingly gaudy things have real value. It's shiny purple and green and yellow with a white and black border! I remember my mother lounging around in this when I was about 4. She doesn't want it anymore, but I love the design and keep it for the memories.

Other things on this list: gold chandelier earrings (bought by parents), my wedding ring (bought by dad) and necklace (bought by parents and in-laws), my wedding reception dress (bought by parents), 3 wedding saris (bought by parents and other family), a brown printed wrap skirt (mom's), reversible dress (first gift from in-laws)


§ My Om shirt - my mom bought me this a few years ago. It's made of jute, a natural fiber that doesn't require pesticides. Although it's not that old, it looks it, because I've worn it so much.

§ Coral sweater - On sale at Ann Taylor outlet for $10, but so much more than that. It often gets a compliment (apparently coral/salmon is my color!), has extra-long sleeves, and has a flattering neckline.

Other things in this category: denim jacket (from the Gap, bought by dh), multicolor scarf (cut from a scrap cloth), beige payless flats (nearly falling apart, I bought two pairs but wore out the first), Teva-like sandals (for non-work days, bought by dh), sneakers (bought by dh, at least 10 years old)

Recent things I love

§ Mango salwar set - If everything in my life were mango yellow and royal blue, I'd be happy. This one makes me feel slim and elegant and comfortable all at once. Gift from mom.

§ Bracelet - Kate recently made me this custom bracelet in - royal blue! It fits perfectly and has a lovely toggle closure I'm always fiddling with. I think I'll be wearing it everywhere.

§ Amber necklace - A good high school friend of mine gave me a necklace made out of real tree amber. It has that "earth chick" feel, which, as you know, I'm all about.

§ Loomstate jeans - In retrospect I probably paid way too much for these, but I'd wanted organic cotton jeans forever and buying organic and fair trade is worth it. I have two pairs now (one skinny with pinstrips and one plain bootcut) and wear them much too often. A gift from mom and sister for graduation.

Other things in this category include: knee-high boots (holiday gift from family), black kitten-heel slings (you need dress shoes, I bought these myself), yellow brocade heels (my only high heels, I gave these to my sister and she gave them back)

It's been a fun trip through my closet. I do realize that my "to-keep" list is already nearly 30 items! However, I think I have a better sense of what I'll keep. More closet-purging to come!

Eco-tip: Get inspired by this video about the Compact. Though it mostly talks about buying secondhand, it's also good to remember that NOT-buying is an option!


kate5kiwis said...

loved reading about *your favourite things*... and the wonderful family history you have.

you are inspiring girl how you keep recycling stuff.
i know i need to go thru our possessions again, it's just finding the energy... and persuading the kiddos to part with *stuff*

glad you love the bracelet... may summer always be alive in your heart.

rani said...

thank you!!!

i actually used to take pictures of things i couldn't part with, then even if i gave them away, i'd always have the photograph!