Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Flight drawings

Here are some drawings I did on the plane to and from India. I've been meaning to post theese forever, but they are so blurry I wasn't sure it was worth it. Well, here they are, if you can see them without being cross-eyed.

I got inspired by Delphine's Non dairy Diary to do a few drawings while I was on the airplane:

1) My impression of the security checkpoint. We're sheep, get it? Joke below contributed by dh.

2) Us on the plane. dh's neck was sprained and he had to use the ice pack. I was reading and drinking green tea (the tag from that is that green thing on the bottom).

3) The view out of the window at night was unbelievable.

4) This was in India - my cousin and her daughter napping. There's something beautiful about a mother and her daughter curled up peacefully together.

Eco-tip: Check out these sections on NPR's Talk of the Nation - Paper or Plastic and How Green is Green?

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