Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More and more things to keep and Seven #18

I've set aside my Seven Things this week, but for some reason, I keep finding things I want to keep.

I wore a few things in Paris I love, but others I will toss into the giveaway bin - they are simply not practical wear! Given those caveats, I keep saying to myself: hmm, this looks great. It should really stay. Suddenly I have a closet full of clothes I think I have to keep! I'm trying to limit myself to the list I mentioned before, but despite the large number of things there, I find myself drawn to more stuff, an endless addiction.

I'd like to hear from others - how do you know what to keep and what to toss? Have any of you ever been in a state where you thought you had the just the right number of something? How did you know?

I'm still balancing my keeping with giving away. And last week's Seven Things is a good example. I put most of these away just after Paris:

- microwave cookbook
- yoga cookbook
- notepad
- pens
- old urban almanac
- backpackers magazine
- plastic cup
- winter scarf
- electrical cord
- lock (no key)
- head/ear phone for telephone
- pieces of fabric
- green rayon top
- old envelopes I was saving

That makes 14, for a total of 197.

I don't hope to get rid of ALL clutter from my life. As a creative person, a little bit of clutter helps me. I like to have a bit of a mess, and then clean it all up one fine day, then let it build up again. So I'm okay (for now) with something less than austere asceticism. I'm okay as a partial materialist. BUT I'm still looking for the right balance of simple and complex.

In the meantime, I hope for peace of mind and the peace of a clutter-optimized life for all of you!

Eco-tip: Buy fruits in season. Rather than track down winter squash and brussel sprouts this time of year, make use of the fresh berries and beans. Visit your farmer's market and find out what's in season - it'll be fresher and less expensive, too.

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