Friday, June 08, 2007

Papercutting progression

Brought to you by the letter P.

P is for posh. It's such a UK word, you can't say it without a hint of a British accent. Like the posh-looking Midsummer Light I'm emulating.

Speaking of which, I've finally made some decent progress on my papercutting. Below is a picture of the drawing I did on white paper. It's hard to see because it's in pencil, just dark enough for me to see to cut. As you might be able to tell (or not), I've designed it so some of the pieces make holes in the paper, while others remain attached at one corner. At this point I had cut about half of it.

Here is a picture of it fully cut, with the pieces popped out.

Detail with the other partly-attached regions popped out. I created a hole in the center where a lightbulb (dangerous around paper, though) or some other thing might go, so that this can be hung.

Here's the final version. I couldn't keep the hole OPEN so I just tied it together with string. It still needs finishing so that the hanging part is a ribbon or something prettier.

It is made of stiff paper but not coated paper. The original is more intricate and flexible, but I'm okay with mine. I think I achieved most of what I wanted. A more-than-one-week project, so that's a big one for me!

If I had to do it over or again:
- I'd make more intricate designs. Some of them are not very fine in detail.
- I'd coat my paper with wax paper or parchment so that it's heat-durable and a little stiffer. This got floppy.
- I'd use a sharper exacto, or sharpen it. The edges of the cuts are a little jagged, and sometimes I ended up tearing what I thought I had already cut!
- I might color or draw on the paper with pen or use a colored paper. White brings out a nice contrast but wouldn't black be lovely? Or wrapping paper - white on one side and patterned on the other?

My to-do for today: Stop drinking soda. I haven't really had any in a long while but I do have occasional cravings for cream soda and root beer. I want to give those up - nothing carbonated.

Eco-tip: Save old envelopes with patterns on the inside. You can use the bits for cards, scrapbooking, notepads, and other paper projects. (also, when turning them inside out, as mentioned before, they look interesting!)


Gaia said...

That is gorgeous!

Good luck on giving up soda. I've never managed it. The longest I've managed is about 3 weeks and never stopped craving it. But I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper which, I think, is the most addictive soda out there.

rani said...

I don't drink it often, but I'm trying to cut out (especially) my obsession with root beer and cream soda!

Erin said...

So incredible Rani! I wouldn't have the patience to do all that cutting.

As for the Soda (we call it pop in Canada), I should try and join you on that one. I am addicted to Coca Cola. Terrible stuff I know, but yummy and very addictive.

kate5kiwis said...

If I had to do it over or again:
- I'd make more intricate designs.

are you kidding??? this is incredible. you have so much creativity and *patience*!!!!!!!

i'm not really a soda-queen, but i won't say no to a gin-and-tonic :o)

rani said...

i keep posting to my own blog, not sure if that's okay :)

anyway, i'm glad that so many of you share this addiction. i never thought of tonic water...gonna be tough!