Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Warnings and info

Short post today.

First off, I want to warn everyone who received some cotton from me that they are not colorfast! I wish I had told you all sooner, and I hope there were no accidents. Many of these cottons in India are not dyed with colorfast dyes, so it's important either to wash them first, or soak them in salt water and then wash in cold water.

I just came across this article which pretty well covers the various sides of animal research. What is "acceptable" pain? If and when do the needs of humans outweigh those of animals? Is animal research exploitation? I think it does a decent job of pointing out the "talking points" though not deeply into the arguments for each side.

No pictures of projects YET. Any day now!

Today I took a nap, after a long time. I clearly needed it. Mmmm...

Eco-tip: Carry a small bottle or box of baking soda when you travel. It makes for an impromptu face-scrub, or deodorant, or shampoo, and it will clean up some stains on clothing too. And it's liquid-free.

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