Friday, July 06, 2007

Outdates and updates

Have I been AWOL? I guess I have.

But I haven't been idle.

I've been going through my house finding more and more things to give away, all in preparation for an upcoming move (more on that later).

First, what have I made lately?

- I'm supposed to be working on my 5x7 art but haven't even started yet. Major confession. I'll be doing that this weekend. I hope.

- I started making a stuffed doll. It's so lopsided and "different" I am not sure I even want to show you! But I will when he/she/it is done.

What have I bought lately? Nothing new.

- I picked up a little mirror compact for my sister at an estate sale.

- Food and necessities

- I've received a few things. Every time my parents come over they bring me stuff - old clothes, sweets, household items. I try to send whatever other stuff I don't want back with them. So we end up even.

What have I given away? Seven Things #19

- A chapathi maker. I just find it easier to roll them out and make them by hand.

- Various stamps and papers

- Another notebook

- Another top

- A pair of earrings

- A little organizer box

- Magazines

- A mug

- Kitchen things (spoon rest, cherry pitter)

That makes 10 for a total of 207. Yay, I hit the 200 mark! I'm aiming for 300 by the end of August.

What else I've been doing:

I've also been counting my clothes again. I'll have a full update, but I was surprised to find that despite all my giving away, I still have thirteen skirts. How did that happen? I think I have a closet monster that secretly puts extra clothes in my closet, or maybe just hides them and puts them back.

I'm also Compact-obsessed lately. Articles about 30 days of consumer celibacy here, an old article in the Washington Post, Adbusters, and more additions to the Compact. The guilt has started kicking in.

Eco-political-tip: Do you suffer from fear of losing your election? Watch the "ad" for Incarcerex.

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