Thursday, July 19, 2007

Seven #22

This week's Seven Things is only #22 (we're in the 29th week of the year, but I started on the 4th week, minus 2 weeks in India...). No pictures, but more items:

- microwave cart - it had been a bit rain-beaten, so I freecycled it.
- deet OFF spray - DEET is bad!
- stir sticks wooden
- plastic lids for coffee cups - these two things are leftover from a coffee service
- empty squeeze bottle of shave gel - recycled
- contact lens case - I have too many!
- 3 camera/tv/cell phone cables - not sure what they fit
- old rug/mat - it's seen better days
- keychain
- small plastic bags - ziplock-style, probably useful to a jeweler
- a few more photos
- 2 small kumkum boxes
- 3 pens (count as 1)
- another broken spoon
- three-hole punch
- old glue gun
- shower curtain (we only have glass)
- stuff for my sister: soap, scarf, mirror compact, cassette, book
- salwar bottom
- crochet hook
- Om shirt
- more wrapping ribbons
- a notebook
- a cassette
- stack of gift labels
- Gandhi book
- more yarn scraps

That makes 34 items, for a total of 293. Coming up on that 300 mark...

Eco-tip: Looking for an eco-version of what you already have? Check out Co-op America's Green Pages first.

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