Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Seven Things #20 and #21

Well it seems to be a habit of mine to lump together weeks of Seven Things!

Here are this week's and last week's (last week's was for the previous week!):

Seven #20
- taboo board game
- broken salt shaker/pepper grinder
- yogurt container I was saving
- 5 balls of yarn
- book Eragon (as gift)
- puzzle game
- cassette of kids' songs

That was 11 items.

And then this week, I went all out. I think I've turned the house upside down trying to find things I don't need. And this is the long list:

- 2 more balls of yarn
- black slingback shoes (painful!)
- old water squirt bottle
- old toothbrush (had to trash)
- travel hairbrush with mirror
- zip-up travel case
- travel hairdryer
- potpourri stand
- concert planner
- Palm PDA and parts (from freecycle but only used once!)
- stack of cards and card parts
- bag of 20 gift boxes - freecycle
- scraps of wrapping paper - freecycle
- binders
- exercise band
- photo stickers
- construction paper
- unnecessary photo holders
- extra photos
- black paper notepad
- exacto/scalpel
- set of recipe cards with sleeves (kept the box)
- small song book
- broken windchimes
- candles
- broken spoons and forks
- backpack (to India)
- VHS tapes
- extra wrapping ribbon
- greeting cards - freecycle
- Microbiology book
- yarn scraps
- 3 cassette racks
- 2 cassettes
- fabric pieces
- scarf
- spray bottle

That's 41 items! We also sent some books back to the library and returned some DVDs we'd borrowed from friends.

So the current total: 207 + 11 + 41 = 259. For 28 weeks, that is 9.25 items per week, or for 191 days, it's 1.36 items per day. (I love math!)

Eco-tip: Do a little calculating - what environmental impact does the paper you use today have? Try the Paper Calculator


Isle Dance said...

That is terrific! Thanks for sharing the paper calculator. It always motivates me to take inventory when I see others doing so. Thanks again!

rani said...

Yay thanks. I am definitely a numbers person, so it's fun to see them going up and up and up!