Monday, July 16, 2007

To give or not to give?

That is not the question anymore. When in doubt, give. I had to finally part with a loved shirt I listed in my Things to keep - my Om shirt. I took it out of the wash, and even after a scrubbing with detergent, I noticed it is worn and stained. Not a good look. It is time it moved on.

I was sad, but then I realized I could paint an Om on anything else, if I want it. I don't need to advertise it, I just want it near my heart.

I've still got plenty of clothes, don't worry! I'm adding them all to this week's Seven Things pile.

As for simplifying, I didn't clean any rooms today. Have to try again tomorrow.

Eco-tip: Check out Croq #9 and Portals 5 - both have Trash to treasure issues! You can also find great ways to turn old stuff into new at


inventivesoul said...

Hi, I saw your article in Portals zine.

I had a mask just like the one you have pictured, except mine had a bird on the forehead.
Would you happen to know what the mask character is?

Any info would be much appreciated!
I loved your ideas!


rani said...

This mask is from the top of a box. I'm not sure whom the mask represents exactly, but it's a female, with a crown, so possibly the Queen of the Sea! I believe the ones with the birds in the crown are often males/Kings.