Sunday, July 08, 2007

Today was the Live Earth concert, part of which I watched online. It was a great concept - concerts in various cities around the world, all as part of one great televised event to raise awareness about global warming. I wish they had made the pledge-signing a bigger deal though. You can sign the Live Earth Seven-point pledge here.

I've also obsessively gone around the house finding things to give away. I freecycled and set aside stuff I was saving that I haven't used. I organized photos. I tossed junk from my scrapbook (while reading old letters). I cleaned up drawers looking for stuff. Amazing how a search for unnecessary items is also an opportunity to clean up!

Other things I've been doing:
- I listed the 100 Ways to Simplify for myself, so I can start doing them (decluttering being #1)
- I'm making a scarf for my stuffy
- I've been practicing reading in another language (my family's language, Tamil, which I can only read slowly)

As for that clothes count, it's not going anywhere. My mother has left me some clothes I didn't know about! I still have many more than I need, and will have to find ways to part with them. Any tips for parting with clothing that fits and looks good but just is TOO MUCH?

I've found a single, interesting solution to this problem. All these years I've been accumulating clothing, but they are all of different styles. Sportswear, evening wear, long skirts, professional clothes. And now it's hit me: I finally have a style I like. I now know that I will never be a woman who wears short shorts, or who feels comfortable wearing all neutrals and solids. I do enjoy bright colors and prints, long flowy skirts, and comfy jeans, oversize shirts and things with ethnic designs, dangly earrings and necklaces. I am someone who will carry a big handbag filled with items for contingencies, wear flats and scarves, and not worry too much about how I look.

But that's just me. I think I've found that what works best is to have things that truly fit your personality and your lifestyle. I wear skirts on the weekends, when I'm outdoors or doing crafts, and jeans on weekdays, when I'm doing science. Clothes make the man, but a woman knows the right clothes!

Eco-tip: Aside from signing that pledge above, try one other big thing, if you can - give up one long-distance trip for a local one. Imagine all the money and flight/car travel you'll save!

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