Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tops and Bottoms: A Clothes Count

I'm counting my clothes again. How can you detect progress without numbers? (that's sarcastic)

At my first clothes count, I had "tops" (tops/sweaters/salwar tops, saris, dresses, and outerwear), and "bottoms" (pants and skirts and salwar bottoms and shoes).

Tops: 89 + at least 30 + 7 + 6 = at least 132

Bottoms: 14 + 17 + 35 + 9 = 75

I expected low numbers - after all, I've been giving away things and doing the Seven Things for a while now (counting through my seven things for clothes gives me at least 25 tops and 9 bottoms released).

Tops: 40 + 37 + 4 + 6 = 86

Bottoms: 9 + 13 + 8 + 8 = 28

Good job with the bottoms but I still have a lot of tops. What happened? I think there are a few possibilities:

- some of the stuff was hiding during previous counts (laundry or with mom/sister or somewhere)
- I've been getting more new clothes as gifts
- I've been getting hand-me-downs

Saris are the least-reduced category. Technically they are (like dresses) neither tops nor bottoms. They are handed down to me from close family and some are heirlooms or very sentimental, so I find it hard to let go of them. On the other hand, I might wear one a month, at most. Time to buckle down.

Today I got rid of 2 more salwar bottoms (down to 6), 3 saris (one will become curtains some day), and several tops.

New totals
Tops: 42 + 34 = 76
Bottoms: 9 + 13 + 8 + 6 = 26

This is a good set of numbers, about 3 tops for every bottom. But I'll keep working at it!

Now it's your turn. How many tops and bottoms do you have? Post a comment below and let me know!

Eco-tip: A good recycling project for major pieces of clothing you're very attached to is to turn them into throw pillows. Cut off a top or sweater at the shoulders, or pants at the crotch. Trim skirts into a square or rectangle. Sew all but one end shut, stuff, and hand-sew closed.


Gaia said...

I'm too embarrassed to count. I have way too many tshirts that I don't wear but hang on to because they are souvenier shirts (they're part of that "someday" project - someday I'll make them into quilts, etc).

And I have 2 wardrobes - my work wardrobe and my home wardrobe and never the twain shall meet.

You did inspire me to pass on some dresses that just weren't flattering to me. My coworker was very appreciative and they are flattering on her.

rani said...

Oh, leave out the tees and the projects. I hope you make that amazing-sounding quilt!

Yes I am luckily in a job where dressing down is expected.

I'm not as generous as you - I am not sure if I could meet a coworker daily who was wearing something I used to own and love!

Isle Dance said...

10 bottoms
6 shirts
9 tanks
6 tank wraps
10 socks

Wow...that's a lot for me, since I try to only own about a week's worth of clothing at a time.

Gaia said...

Ah, but I didn't love these dresses. One of them still had the tags on it. My mom bought them for me on sale and they just didn't work for me.

She's worn them once or twice, I think she saves them for church.

rani said...

isle dance - really great concept to own only one week's worth. how did you let go?

gaia - then it was a smart thing to do!