Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Birthday gift

§ Since it was my birthday, I thought I'd pass it on by offering you a little tiny gift - some printable pen designs you can use as labels or stickers or whatever.

So, here you are:

§ I am so curious about other people's tops and bottoms so I'm waiting for responses (hint hint).

§ I drew this up for this week's Illustration Friday (Theme: Moon) It's more of an idea than a drawing...

§ In the meantime, while purging from our house, I found two amazing articles (Eco-tip of the day):

From Seventh Generation, on how being socially and environmentally responsible is actually better for business Link

And this great article by George Monbiot, on how buying green isn't enough, we need to buy and consume LESS Link


Isle Dance said...

Love it! So pretty! Can I place your image on my website as a link to yours?

Isle Dance said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

rani said...

Thanks - yes, anyone is welcome to use the image, as long as they credit it!