Saturday, August 11, 2007

Defashionista's 12 Steps

This project started as a way for me to curb my fashion appetite, to reduce interest in clothing and fashion, and to stay focused on the more important things in life - not just clothing and fashion and jewelry and accessories.

I've finally gotten to the point where I am supposed to do all 12 steps, so here they are, along with #12, which is new (yes, this is a list. sigh.)

§ Step #1: I will give up old and torn and non-wearable clothes. I will give up all clothing I do not need.

§ Step #2: I will refrain from watching fashion and clothing-related television shows (What not to wear, The look for less, Next top model, How do I look, Ten years younger, Makeovers, etc).

§ Step #3: I will not read fashion magazines, or clothing catalogs, or fashion sections of magazines.

§ Step #4: I will not buy new clothes, accessories, or fabric/materials to make things unless ABSOLUTELY needed.

§ Step #5: I will stop reading fashion websites, including clothing shopping sites. Stick only to 3 of my choosing.

§ Step #6: If I truly need something, I will MAKE IT instead of buying.

§ Step #7: If I cannot make it, I will buy it secondhand. I will check secondhand options before buying new.
§ Step #8: I will avoid window shopping for clothes and accessories.

§ Step #9: I will choose something to wear in under two minutes.

§ Step #10: I will stop analyzing what people are wearing, and I will try to stop noticing them first by their clothes. I will try not to judge others by their clothes.

§ Step #11: Apply rules 1-10 to jewelry and accessories.

§ Step #12: I will find a style that suits me, and stick with it.

This last rule may need clarification, since it hasn't been discussed before. The idea is to find something that suits my style. It means choosing now and in the future things that don't work in my academic lifestyle (like suits and business clothing), things that are too informal or too formal or uncomfortable, and finding ways to wear outfits that suit my personality. For me, this means finding 2-3 "uniforms."

In general they are long bright-colored tops and pants (mostly jeans), long printed skirts and tops, and scarves to accessorize.

This is me. I'm curious to see whether others have these uniforms, and how you all are doing at being defashionistas.

Eco-tip: With all those tossed clothes that don't suit you or aren't your style, donate them to Dress for Success, Goodwill, or any of many other charities. But do something nice for those charitable people - wash the clothes first, and repair any holes or missing buttons.


Isle Dance said...

Oh...good one. I prefer comfy cute clothes, but I have challenges figuring it out.

1) Fitted stretch pant with boot cut (not as bulky as traditional jeans) or fitted fleece pant with tapered cut (think REI expedition underwear!).

2) Fitted tank with fitted long-sleeve wrap or fitted long-sleeve shirt. No logos.

3) Platform boots/dance shoe, Merrell hiking boots or Merrell slip on's (or flip flops).

I've not shopped in a long time, though, so maybe these things are out of style?!

rani said...

I think you aren't too far out of fashion, but what do I know! I do love platforms, even though I don't own any and I can't walk in them.