Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Seven #25

A Friday seven actually posted on Friday? Gasp!

Okay, not too much, but here it is:

- a tv stand (freecycled)
- a glass coffee table (to a friend)
- a lazy susan (to a friend)
- pack of greeting cards (freecycle)
- unused laptop bag (to dad who wants one)
- scarf (to mom)
- utensil holder (to sister)

Just exactly 7, which makes a total of 326.

Incoming: incomplete skirt from mom (she was helping me with a refashion), and a replacement utensil holder that better matches my kitchen from mom. That kind of makes my Seven Things only 5, but we won't think about that right now!

I also tossed a bunch of old spices and empty yogurt containers and papers and some things that were lent to me and little tiny things around the house I forgot to note down.

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