Thursday, August 02, 2007

Green Crazy

§ First, please note the new layout. Slightly more logical. I've also added a section of "Free downloads" that I've posted before. Hope you like em!

§ I'm obsessed with the articles of George Monbiot.

Take this one on outsourcing to India - it's only fair, isn't it?

Or this one on how organic farming actually gives greater yields

Or his lovely line from Carmageddon:

Why is it that doing what we know to be right is always so hard, while doing what we know to be wrong is so much easier?

Here are his Top 10 tips to save the planet from burning

As I get ready to stop using my car to get to work and want to switch to using the bus or bike, I am searching Google maps for an easy walking or biking route. I want to find out when I should leave to get there on time, and what's the latest I can catch the bus. I need to be sure I won't get run over by aggressive cars as a first-time bicycler.

Or read this one on the sub-specialization of science and scientists

As a scientist, I consider my role - working on a small problem that may or may not impact those affected by disease, one that may in the future be funded by a pharmaceutical company, and one that continues to eat up resources as I perform my job every day. Two more articles on this here and here

How can a person reconcile these?

Well, I won't be quitting my job today, but I'm trying to make it better. In the meantime, as a scientist, it's important for me to educate others about science and it's my responsibility to look at biology more globally. So I'll occasionally post some info here on some popular science topics - explained in words real people can understand, and with a more holistic view for the world (ie why should you care). What do you think? Worthwhile for you?

Eco-tip: Ditch buying water bottles, if you haven't already. Instead check your water quality report and fill up a glass or a bottle from the tap (or use a tap-mounted filter if you must - this is nearly what Aquafina and Dasani are anyway! See here). It's yummy in many places and actually safe to drink. Not to mention all the plastic you'll be saving.

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