Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ninety percent

A while ago I posted about the Riot for Austerity 90% Emissions Reduction Project.

The idea is to reduce your emissions by 90% - to 10% of that of the average American or East European.

Here are the amounts that 10% should be, and our household usage:

Gasoline - 50 gallons per person per year
- I'm stopping car use to get to work, but dh still drives 20 miles a day, and we go about 50 miles each weekend, and with our 45mpg car, that comes out to about 180 gallons a year, or 90 gallons per person. Of course, any bus trips and long distance trips are additional. A long way to go to reduce, which might mean not driving..

Electricity - 90kwh per household per month
- We use WAY more than this - average 250 kwh per month over the year. We will see how that changes over the next year, being a little more careful about heating usage. Need to work on it.

Natural gas - 100 therms per household per year
- We use about 20 a month, or 240 per year. To cut by half? Maybe eat fresh more often (salads and fruit), and use more efficient pots and pans? Work to be done.

Garbage - 0.45lbs per person per day
- We make only about 0.5lb per person per day, since we already compost and recycle pretty much everything. So I'm okay being this close on this one. But it means making no MORE trash.

Water - 10 gallons per person per day
- Our water bill tells us we use about 86 HCFs, or about 64000 gallons per year, which for 4 people living there comes to a whopping 44 gallons per person per day. And we didn't have a lawn for most of the year... More bucket baths coming.

Household purchases - $1000 per household per year
- We spend about $50 per month on items, and since we're not buying clothes, we've only spent about $200 this year on other items. So we are probably pretty close to $1000 per year.

Food - local and organic 70%, dry/bulk 25%, other (still organic) 5%
- We shop for fruits and veggies only at the farmer's market, but milk is still a problem. My estimate is more like 50-35-15. Some work to do.

Eco-tip: Calculate your usage using the 90% guidelines. Where do you stand?

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Jenny said...

We're starting the Riot on September 1st, and I've spent much of this month attempting to calculate our usage. It's a little disconcerting we're in good shape in some areas and we have a lot of growth in others. I'm looking forward to it.