Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Reducing and Seven #24

I've been reading No Impact Man and thinking about it seriously. I found out about it, along with this great project to reduce our emissions to 10% of that of the average American from Gaia Girl. I did a few calculations, so I'll let you know my numbers and what I think I can accomplish in that regard in a future post.

So anyway, here is my missed week's Seven Things #24:
1 pack greeting cards
old notebooks
2 curtain rods and brackets
piece of ribbon
2 salwar bottoms
3 saris (1 to change into curtains)
4 tops
1 salwar top to amma to fix
cushion cover
religious photos
old address labels
circular glass from table

that makes 19 for a total of 319

This week is moving along as well - in prep for MOVING (surprise! more on that later)

Eco-tip: Check your energy bill - it often summarizes how much electricity, gas, and water you've used over the last year. See when you spend more (heat in the winter, lawn watering in the summer). Awareness is the first step to conservation!

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