Sunday, September 09, 2007

Everything is different...and the same

Moving changes everything.

My whole Riot for Austerity cutback is up in the air - we now have a lawn and plants to water, plus new home expenses.

How do you not buy new stuff for a new house? Well, I'm trying. Haven't bought any new furniture yet, but I did have to get a can of ant repellent. Yuck. Feeling terrible and guilty about that.

So, I've also been breaking my other rules left and right:

- I drank some (admittedly, flat and warm) Pepsi that was sitting in the car. Mmmmmmmm

- I browsed an Asian fashion magazine and drooled over swimsuits I'll never wear.

- I stood in front of my new closet and new bathroom mirror and tried on old clothes in new ways.

- We now only have a shower, no tub, so I haven't taken a bucket bath in a month.

- I've created a few more lists. I am going to have to find more list-avoiding strategies.

- I've been dishing out clothing compliments, too!

After all of that, I feel glad I've managed to remain (technically) vegan, still compost and recycle, and unpack a couple more boxes!

My mom would say this goes to show that overdoing it is never good, but I do feel like it's out of my system. I'm now raring to get rid of some more stuff.

There's no eco-tip this week either. I'm feeling too hypocritical for that. I hope you all fare better than I do!

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