Thursday, September 13, 2007

Friday Friday Friday Seven Seven Seven #26-30

I have actually missed posting 4 Seven Things, so here are 5, including this week's. So you won't think I haven't been giving stuff away:

August 17 #26
- electric beater (I can make do with a whisk)
- set of oil pastels (to a kid who will love them)
- hanging decoration (faded and worn)
- spice rack (no space in the new cabinets! I saved the bottles)
- bath toilet seat cover (old and stained)
- returned cable modem? (got a new one though)
- 1 top (given as gift)

7 items - total 413

August 24 #27
- 4 cushion covers (given as gift)
- 1 old rug (threadbare)
- returned duvet cover (to mom)
- returned 2 frying pans (to friend)
- 5 plant pots (to cousin)

13 items - total 426

August 31 #28
- ribbon/notebook fastener (from an old handmade journal, which I've also tossed)
- set of old pens (some that write, some that don't)
- petticoat (which is worn under a sari)
- 4 metal bowls (as gifts)

7 items - total 433

September 7 #29
- 2 scraps of fabric (I seem to have a lot of these)
- 2 small ceramic lamps (for tea lights or oil)
- 2 sets of duplicate photos (to mom and mil)
- espresso machine (hardly used)
- stuffed doll (as gift for a baby)

8 items - total 440

And now, this week:

September 14 #30

- 4 tops (various old ones I rediscovered, to mom and Goodwill)
- skirt (black, long, see-through)
- pair of pants (way too baggy)
- bed dust ruffle (torn apart)
- plastic clothes bin (to sister)
- set of old "wish" cards (nice wishes, but no longer necessary to keep)
- keychain
- paris brochures

11 items - total 451

That's an average of

Okay I feel up to an eco-tip now. Based on my own experience.

Eco-tip: How fast does your shower run? Put a bucket under it and run for one minute. Measure out the bucket with a gallon milk jug (use the water for plants or save in another bucket). If yours runs faster than about 3 gallons per minute, invest in a low-flow one with aeration. You'll hardly feel the difference and you'll save a LOT of water.

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