Friday, October 05, 2007

A Compact Post (and Seven #34)

I now consider myself off The Compact. The reason is that I have been buying and receiving things that I feel are violations, or I condoned the buying of things, like a stuffed animal my in-laws recently bought a baby, gifts of soap I took earlier this year to India, some new books for my library, and a set of curtains. We are also looking into new covers for our sofa and other house things.

Okay all of that is an excuse, and the Compact really has saved me a lot of unnecessary purchases, but I can no longer in good conscience say that I am Compacting. Instead I am a Compacting wannabe.

I'll start by chronicling things that came INTO our home new (marked *) and not new this week:
- groceries*
- vegan goodies (peanut butter cup, cake mix and icing, sheese), sweets*
- binoculars (free gift as award from dh's work)*
- weight scale (returned)
- stuffed animal* (but given away)

And the other seven things I gave away:
- pair of shoes (1 heel broke off)
- cassette recorder
- scarf
- another skirt/petticoat
- small box of makeup powder
- baby dress I made
- small bottle of glue
- compost bin and worms (we now have a Biostack that came with the house)
That's a total of 476.

And that's that.

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