Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dreaming of cupcakes

I have recently had an obsession with cupcakes. Why? Who knows. But all I can think of are soft cupcakes with gooey centers and creamy frosting. Dark chocolate ones, with black centers swirled with vanilla buttercream, or chocolate chip ones, or lemony vanilla ones with flat colored sprinkles. (feel free to drool now)

But vegan cupcakes are hard to come by. Instead, I ordered up a baking mix (see below) and an icing mix from VeganEssentials, and for an arm and a leg and an afternoon, made up some chocolate-chip cupcakes with cream-colored icing. They were delicious. I ate three before dh had even one. And then, in a fit of generosity, I gave four to a neighbor. She called me up later to say her family loved them at breakfast, and I nearly shouted into the phone, grinning ear to ear, "They're vegan!" I think she had guessed already.

Since then I've eaten up the remaining icing and scraped the bowl clean.

But still I dream of floating cupcakes. I dream of standing at the kitchen counter and catching frosting as it falls. Of licking crumbs from my fingertips. Of biting deeply into a cupcake so it fills my mouth with moist cake and oozes cream.

And then I came across this blog, and the book shown here: Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World! Am I the last vegan on earth to discover this? Perhaps.

Add to this my new issue of VegNews that boasts several delicious recipes for desserts (including chocolate cupcakes with cocoa frosting!) and I'm regretting giving away my electric beater. But my arm can use the exercise.

Now I'm making plans to go buy cocoa powder and chocolate chunks, turbinado sugar (I've been using agave), and shortening. Mmm-mmm.

Eco-tip: Going vegan or vegetarian can save a lot of resources, from water to land to fuels. If you've been on the fence, now is a great time to start. Learn more at

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