Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No Takers for Freebies? Seven #36

Hmm, looks like no one wants my handmade cards :( Oh well. They are off to Goodwill or a hospital or something.

I got rid of a LOT of things this past weekend. We had a bunch of people over and gave out goody bags:

- about 30 small gifts, including utensils, candles, small boxes, earrings etc
- about 10 kids' books
- about 30 handmade gift bags and ribbon to tie them
- set of candle holders

We also gave away a lot of apples from our tree. They have now turned from tangy and green to yellow/red and SWEET!

The books were part of what came IN (mostly from mom, but also more housewarming gifts)
3 vases, 3 small oil lamps, 2 candles, 2 tea lights, 2 plants, 2 decorative dolls, and the books to give out (see above)

So that makes 61 things out (I won't count the books since they came in) for a total of 544.

All in all, good to see that more went out than in. A few of the lovelier INs will also be off to India (or regifted...) very soon.

Eco-tip: Are you turning things off when you leave a room or go out or go to bed? A routine check can save you money and energy.

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MacBerger said...

Didn't want to post again after getting a freebee last time. Really enjoy your blog. Maybe we could do a swap?