Saturday, October 13, 2007

Seven Things #35, More Free Cards

This week I'm offering up a bunch more greeting cards I made over, plus a few envelopes. Leave me a note if you're interested and I'll send you a pack.

This is what went OUT this week for my Seven Things:

- chipped stained-glass vase (beautiful but now dangerous!)
- tube of perfume (this scent gives me a headache)
- baby rattle I made (as a gift)
- 1 pack of greeting cards
- music CD (as a gift)
- CD case
- VCR head cleaner (no more VCR!)
- returned book "Walden Two" (great read)

That's 7, for a total of 483. I also returned "Walden Two" and a few things to my mom.

Things that came in: wine glasses, disposable tupperware, "instant" foods, wine (all from a friend who visited, bought stuff, and left it all!), small ceramic container (a party favor)

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