Sunday, November 04, 2007

Friday Sevens

I've been TRYING hard to give away seven things a week (somehow I still have a lot of stuff anyway!) Okay I missed posting a couple of weeks, so here they are.

Two weeks ago #37
- 2 more gift bags
- 2 more books
- 2 packs of greeting cards
- a skirt
- scented stones

8 items

Last week #38
- metal candle holder
- candle
- glass plate
- gift handbag
- set of 6 wineglasses
- set of 2 wineglasses
- glass candle holder

7 items

Total 559.

Various trinkets of INs, including several housewarming gifts. As my sister noted, groceries should not count, so I'm not including those! (But I did buy some more baking items).

I'm just floating above the radar on these, but I think I'm making decent progress with this week's, so let's see!


Corrie said...

This is a really interesting concept to me, but I'm kind of thinking that people wouldn't take the things I want to give away. I donate to Goodwill all the time, but I think the people in my life are a little pickier.

rani said...

A lot of stuff of mine goes to Goodwill. Only my immediate family would take and use stuff I give them!