Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Review - Peter & Jerry

While in New York, on Saturday night we saw the play "Peter and Jerry," by Edward Albee. It's a modified version, played in two parts - the first, a discussion between Peter and his wife Ann about their perhaps too comfortable marriage. The second continues when Peter goes to the park to read, and encounters the wandering Jerry, who has just returned from the zoo and lures him into a conversation and more.

Both are really philosophical. Originally, the play was written only as the second part (Zoo Story) but Edward Albee recently added the first.

Peter was played by Bill Pullman and in the audience, sitting in front of us, was Alan Tudyk, otherwise known as "Steve the Pirate."

It was horrifying and funny and interesting and touching, and I generally had a great time. More about Peter and Jerry is here.

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