Saturday, November 10, 2007

VeganMoFo 10: Vegan Microwave Peda

In one of my earlier posts, I seem to have typed "I am now entered VeganMoFo." What is that? English? Anyway, I am now entered craziness.

Now, this time, I'm going to talk about something I used to cook but don't anymore. Bittersweet stories are running through my head.

My choice is an Indian sweet called peda. Specifically "microwave peda." As the name implies, it is a traditional sweet modified to be made in the microwave (rather than hours of stovetop stirring). Made with sugar, and BUTTER, and evaporated MILK, and MILK powder (oh my!). Definitely not vegan.

In the bad old days, large groups of friends would get together to make this round sweet, all stirring and rolling and sprinkling for some great international food festival or another.

Here is what they look like:

And I finally got to imaginarily make-up a vegan version. Pretty simple substitutes. I imagine that if you can't get soymilk powder, you'd have to use extra thickened soymilk, and cook longer to make it thick and dry, rather than batter-like. But that's all my imagination, since I haven't tried any of this yet...

Vegan microwave peda

1/4 stick unsalted non-dairy butter
1.5 cups soymilk powder, plus more as needed
a few strands of saffron
chopped pistachios
1 cup sweet soymilk (vanilla is okay)
1 cup sugar
1 bottle cap (from a water bottle is good)

Heat the butter in a bowl on high until melted (usually 2 minutes). In a large bowl, add saffron and sugar to soymilk and mix. Heat 2 minutes twice on medium, until sugar is melted and combined.

Add butter and soymilk powder to soymilk solution. Stir well, until batter-like. If it's too thick, add soy milk. If it's too runny, add more powder.

Microwave for 5 minutes, stopping to stir well every minute. Let cool, oil hands, and try to make into small 1-inch balls. If it's still too runny, add more powder and microwave again until right consistency.

While the mixture is still warm (not burning but not cool enough to harden), make 1-inch rounds, and flatten slightly.

Press bottle cap into top of round. Sprinkle with pistachio pieces.

Variations: you can leave out the nuts if you don't like them. Whole pistachios, or whole or chopped almonds or cashews also work well here. You can use almond milk instead of soy for a richer flavor, but rice milk will make it more runny.


Sangu said...

Happy Diwali to you. My mom and I made a vegan almond burfi (badam burfi) yesterday with soymilk and earth balance. yay to vegan indian sweets!

Corrie said...

I absolutely want to try this recipe some time. I'll even take my microwave out of storage for the occasion!

rani said...

hehe thanks both of you. badam burfi sounds great, too. corrie you could try it on the stove as well (which is the original recipe) - in the same order, but with lots of stirring! I'll report back on my try of this.

Anonymous said...

How do we make these using just soy milk?
We get soy protein powder in bulk section. Is that same as soy powder that you have mentioned.
Thank you

Ram Khatiwada said...

Hi, Can you make vegan rasgulla, I became vegan last year, I loved rasgulla, After became vegan i missing that like badly. Could please tell me how to make vegan rasgulla?