Saturday, November 10, 2007

VeganMoFo 11: Persimmons

This post is going to be quick. I love persimmons. Especially fuyu persimmons. And they are in season!

Our extremely sweet neighbors dropped off a bag of them.

They are all not yet ripe but I cut two of the ripest into eighths. They were gone inside of 2 minutes.

The rest are going to stay out or in a paper bag to ripen.

A quick google search pulled up a bunch of recipes for things I didn't know existed, like:

- persimmon pie
- persimmon jam
- persimmon pudding

Who knew? I'd like to try a persimmon burfi. It would be made like this banana burfi, but with peeled persimmons (maybe the cooking kind instead) and soymilk powder and Earth balance.

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