Sunday, November 11, 2007

VeganMoFo 12: Left-brainer

I just found out this (unsubstantiated) fact: Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.

This is terrible news! As a natural left-hander, I write, draw, and cut vegetables with my left hand, but I do several other things with my right, though partly out of force.

Does that make me ambidextrous? I am not sure.

The life-span thing is luckily balanced by the longer life spans of vegans.

I guess that just means that I'll balance everything out by eating a healthy vegan diet, getting exercise, and trying in every way to let nurture win over genetics!

Edit: It just occurred to me (duh) that this was not a food-related post. So here is 12.5, which covers the Green Festival, which I attended today in San Francisco.

If you haven't been, it a HUGE event in the exhibition center which is chock full of booths, food, talks, music, and events. There's constantly something going on, and everything is geared to be environmentally friendly and socially conscious. My favorite part is just walking around to various booths - and tasting things!

One year in the past, I tasted plain old flax oil. It's hard to swallow a tablespoon of oil! But it's stuffed with omega-3's so it was worth it. And when else would you voluntarily consume fat for the sake of your heart?

I also enjoy the organic & vegan protein bars, free fruits, tasting of hemp milk and tea and oj and soymilk and berries. And yes, chocolate as well. Quality organic chocolate, for free!

We also went by the food court, where everything is vegetarian, and anything can be made vegan. I had a lovely dish of vegetables sitting atop polenta from Back to Earth.

Add to that a few tote bags and some lip balm and plantable cards and tips on green living, and this is truly veggie heaven.


Gaia said...

I've heard the reason for the difference is that it's a right handed world and accidents caused by that fact make the difference.

rani said...

yeah i've heard that one, but are we that clumsy? wait, i just hit my elbow...ok, maybe.