Monday, November 12, 2007

VeganMoFo 13: Not So Punny

Today is pun day. It WILL be corny.

First a few interesting tidbits:

- great article on Recipes. Ruminate on it, then go down and click on the link of Judith Jones on writing a good recipe, too. Good advice to stew on (except the pork and tenderloin bit...)

- I tried my pb-apple-oatmeal again yesterday, but without sweetener at all, and it was still good - crunchy, creamy, and plenty sweet enough! Today I had it again, but with bananas. Easy as pie.

- A couple of more Diwali treats came my way, including mixture (that's the official name, a kind of salty-spicy chex-mix without chex) and payasam (a liquid made of sweet jaggery and lentils and soymilk) and vada (deep fried salty lentil donut?). (I've been currying favor with the respective cooks of these for recipes) All these sweets and fats are sure to accentuate my pear-shaped figure.

The coolest new thing is that Isa has concocted a VeganMoFo blog feed (she's one smart cookie). So you can read all about the food-related goings-on of other vegan bloggers, and feast your eyes on their pretty pictures sandwiched between great anecdotes and recipes (Link here).

We spent Saturday doing yard work and errands and not too much cooking, so I was kind of fried. Then I had some work and was nearly going bananas (I'm constantly afraid I don't cut the mustard) but I milked the opportunity and got some brownie points from my boss (I hope) for working on the weekend.

I passed out several bottles of jam (they are already going like hotcakes). Sunday we went out, and I was whipped, but then after that I was a couch potato for a while, because I was sour as a pickle for no reason, and yelling at everyone.

Then my mom and I did a little craftiness. What am I making? It's still half-baked, so I'm not ready to spill the beans.

Today I'm cool as a cucumber and thinking about my clumsiness. Left-handers in a right-hand world tend to be more clumsy (as Gaia noted), and I am definitely a butter-fingers. Add that to the fact that I can be a bit of a fruitcake and thick as molasses at times, and I might truly be a nut-case. Of course, all this punning doesn't help that situation, does it?

Bon appetit, epicures!

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