Friday, November 16, 2007

VeganMoFo 15: Pate de choux

(Catching up on two posts)

Yesterday I caught some Food Network. I don't often watch (many things are not vegetarian, much less vegan), but I like to see recipes for more complex things that I might not try myself.

So I watched me some Good Eats, which covered pate de choux this episode.

Things I learned:

- pate´ de choux is pronounced "pa-de-choo"
- that's the real name for any pastry with a big hole in it caused by the evaporation of water as steam
- that's the stuff of cream puffs and eclairs, yum.

It was interesting to see all the details of how to make it, and the little ticks and trips that make it easier. I was disappointed, however, that he chose to use plain old vanilla pudding for the filling instead of teaching us how to make it!

The vegan substitutes are obvious - vegan butter and soy milk. However, the eggs are a trickier issue - they need to beat up for softness and you need the protein or you won't get that characteristic hole in the middle. I think a combination of more soymilk and soy flour or flax seeds would be the way to go, or maybe even silken tofu, but it needs some experimentation.

I also watched Ace of Cakes. They're not vegan, but I love the way they present beautiful and complex decorations and really interesting concepts (like the gross cake head with brains half-eaten by zombies)!


josh said...

hey, i saw that good eats with the choux and i have been trying to get the nerve to make a vegan one for a few weeks, looks like tonight im gonna have a go at it. i will post my findings on my blog.

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