Friday, November 16, 2007

VeganMoFo 16: Chocolate chocolate

At lunch I had a lovely angel hair pasta with a tomatoey sauce with tomatoes. Tomato tomato.

Then, I came home today with a craving for chocolate and cookies. All we had were chocolate chips (which I had intended for baking, but I'd eaten nearly half the bag already!).

Enough was enough, so I made up Village Vegan's lovely double chocolate cookies (from Orangette). I used the same subs but used soymilk instead of the yogurt because...yes...I was out of soygurt.

I also added in about 2 tbsp of oats just because my mother suggested it. And voila:

They required a little longer baking in my gas oven (about 2 extra minutes), but they were ultra chewy inside. And they looked so tempting we had at them before they cooled all the way.


josh said...

oh man those look tasty. chelsea and i just made our xmas version of a snickerdoodle, but were holding off posting the recipe until a little closer to the holidays.

rani said...

What a coincidence, I wanted to make these . First pate de choux, now snickerdoodle? Are you a cooking stalker? :)