Friday, November 16, 2007

VeganMoFo 17: Kali

Kali (pronounced kuh'-lee, like scully) is a dish that has a special importance to me, mainly because I've had it since I was little. It's a breakfast or brunch dish, a goopy paste that you lick off your fingers to eat.

You can make kali in two major forms: more kali (buttermilk) or puli kali (sour, or tamarind). The former is white and the latter is brown. As a vegan, I'm banned from the former (until I find a good vegan buttermilk substitute).

So we made the brown version. Basically it's rice flour and a little wheat flour mixed together with a lot of water, tamarind, some spices, a good dose of oil, and LOTS of stirring until it thickens and turns almost translucent. I sprinkled it with some ground flax for protein.

Serve with a healthy dose of nostalgia.


Rachel said...

Hey Rani! I think I know how to sub buttermilk. You take your soymilk (or what have you) and add vinegar, and let it curdle for a few minutes. Instant buttermilk! The ratio can be anywhere from 1 cup of milk to one teaspoon of vinegar to up to a tablespoon per cup. It would be worth researching and experimenting with.

rani said...

Hmm good idea. I was also just thinking of diluting soygurt!

The String Bean said...

This is absolutely mouth-watering!!!