Friday, November 02, 2007

VeganMoFo 2: Grandmas

For this issue of VeganMoFo Defashionista, you will learn about my grandmothers.

I have never (to my recollection) tasted my mother's mother's cooking. Very sad, but true. However, she has shared with me many many recipes, which I will be sure to share with you when I can find them. (I seem to have a problem finding things lately)

Her particular specialty is jams and burfis. She used to make jams out of exotic fruits available only in India. Fruits with names like vilaambaram that sound like the jiggly jelly they are destined to become. She also made burfis, which are small sweet bars made of mostly sugar and other flavorings. Traditional burfis are cashew or almond or coconut or just plain, but she has made mango and banana and every other fruit, I'm sure.

My father's mother is also an accomplished cook. While her sensitive stomach doesn't allow her to eat most of the delectables she makes, my family has always enjoyed them! She, too, makes a variety of burfis, but my favorite is her chocolate burfi. It is a piece of dense cake-like sugary stuff, flavored chocolate but somehow with a hint of caramel.

Two years ago, I asked her to make it for me vegan. And she did it. I don't know how! But now that recipe has reached perfection.

But I haven't cajoled it out of her yet...


Sangu said...

My mom now too is veganizing indian sweets these days. She's also using silken tofu to make a vegan raita.
moms and grandmoms rock.

Coppe said...

My grandmother recently veganised pannekoeken (Dutch-style pancakes) for me. On her first go, she basically outdid all my attempts at them.

They came out perfect and, except for the subtle banana flavour, exactly like the original.

I hope I get grandparent cooking superpowers when I get older.

rani said...

mm vegan raita - i'd like to see a recipe for that. sangu if you have a blog let me know.

coppe i really agree - they are superpowers! it's the ultimate compliment when someone says something i made is "grandma good."

Sangu said...

hey rani,
i started up for veganmofo at