Sunday, November 25, 2007

VeganMoFo 22: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving (belated)!

So here is my thanksgiving recap. We are in New York City. The Big Apple. The melting pot.

I'm visiting my vegetarian sister and she made a bunch of us a lovely vegan meal (gasp - forgoing the cheese!)

One thing I'm thankful for - no tofurkey. I am not a fan of fake meat, since I've never really eaten meat, so I'm missing or craving nothing.

Instead, she had a lovely appetizer:

- Store-bought, but good - small toasts with an artichoke spread and an olive spread

For the main meal:

- corn on the cob, with Earth Balance
- mashed sweet potatoes with slivered almonds and brown sugar
- spicy arrabiatta-like penne with zucchini and mushrooms

For dessert:

- a 7 layer cookie with coconut and chocolate chips and graham crackers. Yum (they are now gone...)
- fresh fruit salad with mango puree

We paired that with wine and stuffed ourselves silly!

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