Sunday, November 25, 2007

VeganMoFo 23: NYC Eating

Friday we began our culinary tour of New York City. We slept in (actually we got up at 10, which is only 7am on the west coast) and then headed out for lunch. We were in search of Thiru Kumar, aka "Dosa Man," who is known for his dosas and other vegan foods.

Why would someone who has so much access to South Indian food look for South Indian food all the way across the country? I'm not really sure, but the answer is probably a mix of curiosity, his reputation, and ... more curiosity. Curiosity which was piqued even further because we showed up at Washington Square Park and he wasn't there! We searched up an down the neighboring blocks, and finally asked another street vendor, who told us to come back tomorrow.

Disappointed, we walked down the street, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of vegan restaurants nearby. We settled on Red Bamboo, which had been recommended by a friend, especially for its desserts. Unfortunately, we forgot to take that into consideration and ordered shared appetizers but separate entrees. The creamy (vegan) broccoli soup was delicious. I had been craving eggplant parmagian and ordered that. The other dishes were seitan and lots of fake meats (I'm not a fan of fake meats). My eggplant parmagian was quite good and solid in and of itself, without too much vegan cheese, but much too large an entree for me (four pieces). It didn't include any pasta, and the garlic bread was hard as a rock. The others were less impressed with their food, except for a curried seitan dish that had a great sauce.

In the afternoon, we went to a little cafe for coffee, and then a silly Indian movie at Times Square.

That night for dinner, we went to Zoma, an ethiopian place. They didn't include butter in their vegetarian platter, which was entirely delicious (I liked the two Wet dishes and the spinach best), though the injera could have been a tiny bit more sour for my taste. We had drinks and were treated to an extra round by the owner, and even ordered seconds of the Wet. Thoroughly satiated, we went back for a good night's rest. No going out.

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