Wednesday, November 28, 2007

VeganMoFo 25: The Morning After

It was not too good - we again got up too late, and took the train to visit relatives in New Jersey. There we had Indian food for both lunch and dinner - idlis, pooris, various mixed rices, and hot pickles.

Idlis are another South Indian favorite. They are bland and simple comfort food, without much taste on their own, so they are perfect for pinching apart and dipping into curries or chutneys. They're made of a thicker version of the batter used for dosas, and are steamed through until they are fluffy round pillows. The perfect idli has a characteristic aroma, with little holes and a softness rivaled only by the most cuddly stuffed animal. It is not pasty, nor does it have a sheen on top, but comes apart at your touch without crumbling, and soaks up a good sambar almost immediately.

Pooris are made like rotis or chapattis - wheat flour made into dough and rolled into small flat rounds. Instead of toasting these in a pan, however, they are deep fried until they puff up. They also make a tasty, though much less healthy, bread to accompany many different types of sauces, especially North Indian curries like chole (chickpeas) and cauliflower.

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