Wednesday, November 28, 2007

VeganMoFo 26: The Search Continues

Monday was the last day for two of our fellow visitors, and our last day to track down the Dosa Man. It was not looking good - raining all day, and by the time we got there just after noon, the roads were slick and muddy. Walking up to the park, I was not optimistic. He wasn't there the last two times, why would he now?

And then...there he was! A green cart with an overhang, and he was pulling down the rain guards. "Hey boss," he greeted us. "How you doin?" We chatted amiably, including a discussion of where we were from and how he should open up a branch in San Francisco. First thing, he gave us small cups of steaming hot sambar which warmed us right up (and the quality of which was as good as any I've had in India). We ordered the Pondicherry dosa, a unique dosa with potatoes and fresh veggies that he invented, and the Special Rava Masala, which is the same but with a wheat dosa. It was thin, wrapped around the veggies so you could almost see them through the dosa, and served with more sambar and some coconut chutney. I also got a vegan drumstick, which is on a sugar cane stick and made of soy protein, with a to-die-for chili garlic sauce. We had just enough, and he even insisted on a discount since we had come all the way and looked for him for two days. By then the line was long, and we said our goodbyes with smiles in our hearts (by way of our stomachs).

In the evening, I had a craving for pizza. We ordered from Cafe Viva, where vegan thin crust pizza is available in a number of varieties. We ordered the Il Fiore, with eggplant, garlic, soy cheese, tomatoes and a lovely note of rosemary, and the Pasta Puttanesca, with capers and two types of olives. We finished it off with a slice of vegan Death By Chocolate, which was. And that was the end of the Culinary Tour of New York.

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