Wednesday, November 28, 2007

VeganMoFo 28: Tapioca?

I forgot to post all about another dish my mother made while she was here - a kind of tapioca pudding. Instead of tapioca (which is from a plant root), Indian foods use something called javvarsi, or sago, which is made from a type of palm tree trunk instead. It's still small and round and white.

You soak the sago in lukewarm water for an hour, and then cook and prepare. This version included turmeric and chilies and spices sauteed with it, and makes yet another gooey chewy meal:

I also wanted to show you this amazing thing:

What is it? Take a guess.

Well, it was only $1 because we got there at the end of the farmer's market and the man who was selling it didn't want to do the work involved in preparing it. Amazing, huh?

I'm making a curry with it today.


Tanya Brown said...

The green object - my guess is brussels sprouts.

If so, I wish you great luck with your curry endeavors!

Back to lurking -

rani said...

That was fast - you're right!

Thanks for the luck - I think it turned out okay.