Friday, November 30, 2007

VeganMoFo 29: Bay Area Dosa

I forgot to post yesterday. Somehow I thought yesterday was the 30th and I was freaking out that it was December already. And it soon will be.

Last night my dear husband made me dosas when I went home on a break from what would be a late night of work. And then we had the brilliant idea of trying out the Pondicherry Dosa we had in New York.

We passed on the potatoes (not good for you, and they require extra cooking...) and I chopped up some red bell pepper and shredded a bit of cabbage and broke off some broccoli florets and sliced some zucchini (wow there are so many ways to say "cut"). A medley of this went on top of the dosa, which we folded over and ate hot with the brussels sprouts sambar I had made the day before.

That is quick dinner bliss.


Paula said...

ooh, where did you have the pondicherry dosa? I'm just hoping it was at Dosa Diner in Jackson Heights in Queens cause they are SO good there!

rani said...

at the Dosa Man on Washington Square Park!