Friday, November 02, 2007


On behalf of weirdly-capitalized abbreviations everywhere, I am now entered VeganMoFo, or Vegan Month of Food, sponsored by Post Punk Kitchen (my new fave online hangout).

The idea is to write about food very often this month (it's flexible).
Since my camera is still AWOL, I'm just going to write, inspired by ideas from Katie's List. Eventually you may see a photo, but you can see more at the Flickr group.

Today's entry: My first vegan restaurant memory.

The first restaurant I went to that I knew was vegan was Millennium, in San Francisco. I went there for their VegNews award ceremony, after I had recently turned vegan. And I was floored!

There were little hors d'oeuvres covered in creamy stuff, vegan wine by the glass, free delicious chocolates, lovely decor, and the vegan elite of the world, it seemed. I met lots of people, not knowing they were HUGE in the world of veganism.

Julia Butterfly-Hill was there, as vegan-of-the-year, and when I expressed dismay that I didn't even realize I was wearing an old wool jacket (I was new at the vegan thing), she was so sweet and kind and said (I paraphrase) the most important thing is to do the least harm and to try to be as true as you can, not to obsess over the little things. I was touched. Even Mayor Newsom was there, schmoozing. But my favorite part was the look on dh's face (and I'm sure, mine as well) as we ate delicious things that we were sure were not vegan. I kept having to ask the waiters if there was any cream or butter in anything. They smiled indulgently and told me, again, no.

Pockets full of free samples of Tropical Source chocolate, brochures on everything from vineyards to grocery stores and newsletters, bellies full, we headed home, a smile on our faces, a warm, glowing intro to the world of vegans.


Okra Mary said...

Hi Rani!

I added you to my blogroll. The spice index is so useful and it only took me about a half hour to do - plus I realized how old some stuff was and I took the time to identify a few "mystery" spices.

Good luck on VeganMoFo!

Eve Love said...

wow, what a nice memory...

Post punk kitchen is my new favorite online hang out too.