Monday, December 03, 2007

A Little Stuffy

Yes I do have a cold and sore throat, but I'm still working on some projects. Haven't you been dying to know what I've been working on? No? Okay.

Here's a picture anyway.

Can you tell what it is? No? A clue: It's a type of food.

Still no idea? It's a SAMOSA SET.


- 3 samosas
- purple sweet date chutney
- green spicy chutney
- a cup of chai

I put it in a cute japanese box someone gave me.

We went to Ikea and found a fantastically soft elephant there that we almost bought. Instead, it inspired me to make something a lot less complicated. So I used up the last of my fiberfill to make another stuffed toy:


Isle Dance said...

How cuuuuuuute!! :o)

Anamika said...

Thanks Rani for visiting my blog site and leaving encouraging words. It helps one to do more. I like your website and your creativity. I must say, i have to learn a lot in a world of infinite possibilities of creativity. Lets keep in touch to share our experiences on creative thinking.