Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Green Baby

Now that I am full swing in pre-mama mode, I am looking for ways to extra-green my lifestyle BEFORE I'm overwhelmed by, well, life.

A few things I've started planning out:

- Gifts - telling people to make a donation instead, and using the Alternative Gift Registry to request safe secondhand items (in the spirit of compacting). They even give you some great ideas for sustainable gifts. (I already scored some lovely secondhand maternity items)

- Waste - there are 24.7 billion diapers in landfills. that plastic is not going to degrade! I'm planning on going the cloth route, fully aware that water is also a precious resource. But the gDiaper is another brilliant option, especially for travel.

- Food - i've managed to stay vegan so far and intend to keep it up. It's hard to fend off the guilt of "just a few months, your baby needs it to be healthy" and the article forwards of the vegan family whose child died from malnutrition. What about afterward? I will let the little one make the choice eventually (though not being vegetarian at home is not an option) but luckily we start out without that question!

If I am forced to use formula, I'm not sure what's the best way to go - dairy or soy? Any ideas?

- Cleaners and cosmetics and everything else. When it comes to a child, we are suddenly more picky. That generic slightly chemically brand is okay for me, but no way for the little one. No more artificial red color, or occasional dryer sheet, or non-organic bananas. I think it's a bit obsessive, but in a good way, I hope?

- What about after? I do worry about the future - what about after when they're old enough? TV, or DVDs, or neither? Allowance or not? Own room or share? Soccer and art class and language class and music, or just one? I get tired just thinking about it.

Okay, all you pro mothers out there: pass on your wisdom, puh-leeze! And happy belated mother's day!