Monday, June 09, 2008

Fashion, Sex, and the (Global) City

First of all, thank you to everyone who sent baby wishes and great advice. I'm persevering in my bid to keep things green and (mostly) secondhand to conserve on resources.

And then I go and see the Sex and the City movie. For me, it was sort of a girl-fling-thing. But oh, the indulgence. The excess. The violation of nearly every defashion rule!

I have been reading 's newest issue, Sex(ism) and the city, which covers a range of more socially-conscious topics related to the movie. So even if you are a die-hard fan, I recommend you take a moment to be a defashionista, to think about what all that glorious glamour means.

A few highlights:

- the show has never repeated an outfit, which though fashion-amazing, means a huge wastage of clothes
- fur-wearing is still considered cool? (a nod to this in the movie)
- allegations of sweatshop labor
- has anyone noticed - they're all white (Jennifer Hudson notwithstanding)

Take a look and report back. I'll be here, incubating :)


Isle Dance said...

I was worried that you'd given up blogging. Glad to see you're back. I've never seen Sex in the City, but I can relate to enjoying the girly splurge. I totally relate on the consciousness part. I can't seem to do much without little messages in my head, beeping in, interrupting whatever it is I see going on. Guilt, I suppose.

rani said...

I'm not completely awol - thanks for the welcome back. I guess I consider guilt good in moderation if it helps me modify my habits for a better world! :)