Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Nesting Instinct

Nesting is apparently not limited to birds. Cats and dogs do it (think of all the newspaper they shred), and well, so do we humans.

In the final-run-up to baby-time, I'm trying to get through my list of 764 items that need to be done (if anyone needs a list made, write me!). Fortunately, I've made a smaller pre-baby list. However, it does include cleaning, washing, packing, accumulating (despite my best efforts, I guess a new person does need some things) and my favorite: decluttering.

There is still something very gratifying about going around the house and finding things you don't need, don't want anymore, and sneaking them off to the giveaway bin. Especially those funny things someone you love gave you but which appears to have no inherent use or beauty. And those little things you were saving for "someday" or "just in case." And there are the things that are beautiful but chipped or broken and not reasonably fixable. And the duplicate items - why do I have five nailclippers?

Go, go, go. All you tiny things, almost not noticeable things, but somehow they free up my mind.

And all the mental clutter, the guilt (is my baby going to have peanut allergies because of the peanut sauce I ate last night?), the worry (what kind of life am I going to have?) the panic (1 down, 763 to go?). I take deep breaths, walk with a handful of stuff to the giveaway box, and dump my mental clutter in, too. It may try to creep back into the house, but I'm keeping the door closed.


Isle Dance said...

Way to go! I love what you've written. I can completely relate.

Corrie said...

I'm also in crazy declutter mode. It's very satisfying to let go. Though, I'm not sure if mine is more motivated by impending babydom or the out of state move that will shortly follow!

rani said...

Thanks both of you. Corrie, I'm amazed by you - having a baby AND moving out of state! Go you!

Corrie said...

Yeah, if I thought there was any way to avoid this move I would. It's going to be horrible.