Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stuff, stuff, and more stuff

Ahh, how I love a good article about consumerism.

Today's issue of the Seventh Generation newsletter has a great one, with a history of consumerism that ought to be required reading in school. Read it here, or the original article "The Gospel of Consumerism" from Orion Magazine.

When you're done, check out Carrotmob, and then here, too.

I also read an article about getting insane amounts of better gas mileage. Tricks include:

- going at 55mph, or the speed limit, whichever is slower (Read more about this here)
- stay back from the car in front of you (recommended: 1 car length for every 10mph)
- drive steadily and accelerate evenly and slowly
- ride 3 seconds behind trucks (keep out the draft)
- turn off your engine whenever you are stopped for at least 10 seconds (but not while moving! dangerous!)
- combine errands and try to park so you don't have to back out
- keep tires inflated to the maximum recommended (some inflate them even higher, to the sidewall pressure inside, but that will wear out your tires faster)
- use cruise control for long stretches to keep your speed steady

I have a Civic Hybrid and aside from driving less overall, am going to try some of these strategies.

Oh by the way, in decluttering, went through a lot of old files and tossed things I didn't need to keep (shredded papers), and gave away more things (I'm not officially back on Seven Things, but here's a start):

- various bottles of lens solution
- a blue mug
- color inkjet refill kit (was ordered for Dell All-in-one)
- several cds (returned to owners or given away)
- infant clothes i received but won't use
- box of Similac I received
- bag of cosmetics/toiletries I don't want to use anymore
- bag of cleaning supplies that are not green
- some candles
- some beads

That makes 10 different items.

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