Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why this site looks different

I came across an amazing new discovery today: black backgrounds save energy over white! That's the logic behind a search engine called - saves lots of energy over the white screen of Google (on Google itself, it would save 750 MWh a year - equivalent to over 400 barrels of oil!). And that's true even though most of the world now uses LCD monitors. More info here .

Another blogger at ecoIron has also created a energy-saving website palette for use with the black background, so that is what I'm using here.

Greenergle (see the -gle theme here?) also has further energy-saving computer tips, like taking a moment to turn down the brightness on your monitor.

So, let me know what you think of the new color scheme. In the meantime, I'm going to be a little leprechaun painting low-energy rainbows over my websites. And that is your eco-tip today.

Update: Of course Google has a response to this that suggests that on several LCD monitors, blackle can actually be worse (mine still saves about 2 watts though). Still, the CRTs do show good savings overall, and it's important to note that CRT monitors are still in use in places that cannot afford to replace computers quickly. So the question is up for debate. I'm playing it safe and going to the black background anyway.


Gaia said...

It kills my eyes to try to read white on black. Maybe a different colored text? Something that's less contrasting? I'm still seeing "ghosts" on my eyes.

rani said...

ooh. how does the gray on the right work for you?

Jones said...

I use Black Google Mobile at to get a better battery life on my smartphone and to reduce my data usage. I use it on my dekstop browser too! On the newer OLED based screens you can use over 4x less power having a black background instead of white! The old Google blog post is out of date and does not account for all the OLED based devices that are growing fast in popularity and now in use. There is more information on this at Blackle is not mobile friendly and does not work correctly on my phone as it has white search results.

rani said...

Jones - very interesting. thanks for the info!